35% of college students transfer after their freshman year. On average, students who transfer take longer to graduate, Here's what transfering may cost you.

Why use Beyond the Tour as a prospective Student?

The generic tour offered by the university is not enough for a student to properly evaluate a college or university. The students see the buildings, maybe sit in on a class, but are not given the inside information that an active student can provide in a one on one Beyond The Tour experience. Experience the social atmosphere to make a better informed decision on which school you select. Connect with a college student to learn more about the school and where you fit in. Conversing and hanging out with a student that is similar to you in personality will allow you to better gauge the school you are committing 4 years of your life to. Beyond The Tour allows students to ask questions and understand the college on a deeper level. You’ll get a sense of the college’s vibrancy, character, and facilities. Beyond the Tour will provide you with a more complete picture. A great option to narrow your school list down is to do an overnight visit where you can stay with a student and get a feel for the other activities on campus besides just the classes! So if you are having a hard time deciding on particular colleges, or better yet the size of the college you wish to attend, then pay some campuses a visit using Beyond The Tour! By visiting, you can really begin to decide which schools are right for you. We recommend prospective students use Beyond The Tour for each school they are strongly considering in order to properly evaluate the pros and cons of each environment. Every school is different. How you feel about schools once you visit in person may affect the direction your college search heads in. First-hand knowledge will help you clarify your vision and narrow your school list. You want to be able to relax and make a fully informed choice once you have been accepted. If you’ve already visited those schools using Beyond The Tour at least once, that’s just what you will be able to do.

Why encourage your child to use Beyond the Tour?

The surest way for students to find the best college match – where they will be happiest, and most successful – is to experience different schools first-hand! If you’re going to invest $60,000 every year to send your child to a university, you might as well invest a hundred dollars now to send your child on a Beyond The Tour Experience before high school graduation, to protect your investment in your child's university education. Your child will have a better understanding of the school, be able to make a more informed decision, and it will certainly decrease the risk of your child being unhappy with his or her college decision. Time, energy and money are finite resources and you want to use them wisely throughout the application process. A small investment now can save money in the long run regarding your child’s college career.