For Beyond the Tour guides

Beyond the Tour provides the service of allowing a prospective college student to match with an active college tour guide. Beyond the Tour hires college students as Beyond the Tour guides. Beyond the Tour guides manage their availability through our interactive calendar so that prospective students can see when they are available. An active college student can become a Beyond the Tour guide to earn some extra spending money!
Any current college student can register to become a tour guide. However, it is recommended that tour guides are between the ages of 18-20. The reason being potential students will get the best feel if they experience a day in the life of a freshman or sophomore at the given university.
Beyond the Tour is currently accepting applications from all mainland US Unversities. If your school is not listed on our website, feel free to email
When a prospective student requests a tour an automated email will be sent to the tour guide giving them the ability to accept the prospective students tour, in turn, the availability status on the tour guides calendar will change to unavaliable for the selected tour dates.
1. Create Your Profile
2. Get Verified by Beyond the Tour
3. Start Receiving Guests
This whole process typically takes less than a week.
"Beyond The tour guides are paid a flat fee depending on whether their prospective students stays overnight. Beyond The Tour can send a check to the residence of your choosing. We can also pay you via paypal. Contact us to customize your payment!
Beyond the Tours are 100% customizable and unscripted, the choice is yours to make with your tour guide. For more information refer to our terms of service.
To become a Beyond the Tour guide you do not need to be a professionally certified or university tour guide. We do however, recommend that university tour guides become Beyond the Tour guides as well. Given that university tour guides are familiar, in depth, about the traditional university tour, they serve as excellent candidates to partner with us. It is also beneficial that the ideal process is to have parents drop off their students to their Beyond the Tour guide following the traditional tour. If the student and their parent have already spent an hour + on the traditional tour, they are likely to trust their child to that tour guide. This also makes the “picking up” of a prospective student from their parents post tour obsolete.
Beyond the Tour offers messaging services between tour guides and prospective students. Before making a booking, you can contact the prospective student via the messaging system of our platform. After the booking is placed by you and confirmed by the Beyond the Tour guide, both you receive each other’s contact details, in order to stay in touch until the date of the experience.
When choosing what to disclose to prospective students, mentally breakdown a typical day in your life at the University. If you typically spend the majority of your day partaking in greek life, write that down. The more you add about yourself to this section, the better chance the prospective student has to know how well or closely he or she connects with you from a personality standpoint.


You most certainly can already have a job and still become a tour guide. Beyond the Tour guides have the ability to choose their availability down to the minute. Even if you have prior obligations, you can add or remove available time slots using your personal calendar linked to your profile.
When a prospective student requests to book one of your time slots, an automated confirmation email will be sent to the email account linked with your Beyond the Tour profile. If you have turned on the automatic booking option, an email will be sent to you immediately letting you know you have been booked as well as the time frame.
Naturally, there’s a broad range of factors that influence how many booking requests you can receive. Some aspects you might not be able to influence, such as state, area, etc. However, you can certainly increase your number of bookings if you write a great description about yourself and your interests. Try to make break your interests down as genuinely as possible by highlighting unique aspects of it, boasting quick and helpful responses, and offering clear availability in terms of date and times. Furthermore, good tour guides will be rewarded, because they will be booked more often based on positive reviews received by prospective students.
Reviews are very important to both tour guides and prospective students. The more positive the experience is, the more positive the review will be. The more positive reviews prospective students write about tour guides after an experience, the more likely the tour guide will be booked. So make sure the prospective students that use you knows about the importance of reviews and that he or she can write a review after their experience.
An automated email generated by Beyond the Tour will be sent to the email address linked to your profile updating you that you have been booked. Your interactive calendar on your profile will also be uploaded to show that you are booked as well as the next time you will become available again.

Safety and Trust

All parents are encouraged to meet the Beyond the Tour guide prior to the experience. No need to worry, all tour guides are verified university students in good academic and disciplinary standing. Contact our customer service team at to learn more.
All tour guides must apply and be accepted formally on our website. This includes verifying that the btt guide is enrolled at the school, and making sure that his identity matches his profile. All of our Beyond the Tour guides are also visited and reviewed by a member of the Beyond the Tour team prior to acceptance. We also have a review system where you can read about Beyond the Tour guides and their experiences.
In case you have a bad experience with a host, Beyond the Tour will get in touch with both the prospective student and the tour guide to get to the bottom of the situation and find a solution. Your satisfaction counts more than anything! It is always an option to write a review expressing your dissatisfaction with a tour guide to ensure tour guides are meeting Beyond the Tour’s standards.
If a Beyond the Tour guide cancels the booking or does not show up this is very inconvenient. In this case the full amount will be refunded to you. Once again, the option to write a review expressing that the tour guide did not show up is always available to ensure standards are met.
Should you have a bad experience with a prospective student, notify the Beyond the Tour team and steps will be taken to address the issue accordingly. Prospective students will be flagged for a poor review by a tour guide, and eventually will be banned from booking tours if the problem at hand is not solved, or if the prospective student repeats as a bad experience.
Not to worry, we won’t misuse your information, nor share it with others. On the one hand it is used as verification of you as a tour guide and on the other hand, it is shared to guests only AFTER the booking has been confirmed, in order to arrange direct contact between you and the prospective student to discuss logistics.

For Prospective Students

You are free to choose a Beyond the Tour guide that is most appealing to you. You may message a Beyond the Tour guide through our website in order to customize the experience to your needs.
1. Find a tour guide- choose someone that intrigues you, or someone that has a similar personality.
2. Request and Book a Tour – Message a Beyond the Tour guide to get to know them better. Use our calendar system to see when the tour guide’s availability fits with your schedule.
3. Visit and experience the University! Meet up with your Beyond the Tour guide to experience the social atmosphere at the school.
The Beyond the Tour guide will receive an email notifying him or her of your booking request. The Beyond the Tour guide will have 72 hours to accept your request.
We currently have 10 schools registered that you may visit but this number is increasing rapidly. Beyond the Tour plans to continue to grow until every University has registered tour guides!
If you don't see the school you want, email us at!
Before booking, you can contact a Beyond the Tour guide via the messaging system on our platform. After the booking is placed by you and confirmed by the Beyond the Tour guide, both you and the tour guide receive each other’s contact details, in order to stay in touch until the date of the experience.
We currently only offer 1 on 1 tours. However, our guides can see the availability of other guides at their university. Through this feature, guides can elect to meet up with one another.
Reviews are very important to prospective students and parents. You can only review an experience you’ve booked. You will be asked to review your experience with a Beyond the Tour guide after it has taken place. By reporting bad tour guides and rewarding great ones you are able to help improve the quality of our tours.
We respect the privacy of our students and that’s why we ask you to postpone sending your contact details until a booking is confirmed. Immediately after confirmation, you’ll receive an email with the information you need to stay in touch with the host until the booked tour date.
100% customizable means that you are free to communicate your desires to your tour guide. However, We recommend you have the tour guide live his daily life, in order for you to truly experience the social atmosphere on campus.
Yes, the experience is customized for you. It’s not possible for others to book the same tour guide at the same time. We currently only operate 1 on 1 customizable tours.